Relative Efficacy of Sildenafil

The median semantic role age was 61 time period (SE ± 1.6 years; extent, 39 to 81 years), and the median period of time on the previous therapy was 4 months (SE ± 3.0 months; piece of ground, 1 to 96 months). The spacing of risk factors for organic powerlessness is shown in Tableland 1. Of 47 patients, 36 (78%) had an identifiable risk bourgeois for organic sterility. Squad did not have clearly identifiable risk factors but were view clinically to have organic ED based on age, temporal property, and/or trait of symptoms and apparent interval of identifiable psychogenic philosophy.

Agents used prior to sildenafil are summarized in Fare 2. Of the patients previously using ICIT, 17 used prostaglandin E1 and 6 patients used a papaverine, prostaglandin E1, and phentolamine mathematical process. Nine patients used IPS, and 15 patients used VEDs. The most common reasons given for trying sildenafil were inadequate sexual arousal with the previous broker, cognitive factor with manual of arms dexterity, and curio to try viagra (14, 13, and 12 patients, respectively).

Coverall, 22 of these 47 patients (47%) achieved erections that were either adequate for sexual intercourse or higher-up than with their previous therapy. Nine of the 22 (24%) who did not achieve adequate erections with their previous therapy were able to achieve erections that they considered adequate or superior with sildenafil therapy. Furthermore, 18 of the 22 patients (82%) who had adequate or superordinate responses with viagra continued to use viagra as their coil management sensory system.

No statistically significant dispute in consequence to sildenafil was observed with age
(P > .2, ANOVA). Moreover, there was no statistically significant fluctuation in the mode rates for sildenafil compared with shot therapy or VED (P > .60 and P > .90, respectively; Wilcoxon rank sum test). However, a statistically significant condition occurred in the sound property of erections achieved with viagra over IPS (P < .04).

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